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Our Lady of the Cedars' Annual Spring Banquet

Assad Boulos

A successful restaurateur based in Houston, Texas, Assad Boulos currently serves as president of both Wasfi and Juan Parilla restaurants. He is also the founder of ANA, Inc., a company that operates ten different Houston shopping centers and convenience stores. Outside of work, Assad Boulos is an active member of his community, supporting various important organizations and institutions, such as Our Lady of the Cedars Church.

Located in Houston, Texas, Our Lady of the Cedars offers Christian masses in both English and Arabic. It also sponsors a range of programs and special events, such as the Annual Spring Banquet.

Our Lady of the Cedars’ Annual Spring Banquet for 2017 took place on March 25th and consisted of a cocktail hour, an all-inclusive dinner, and musical entertainment. The headliner at the banquet was Hadi Aswad, a Damascus-born singer who has released several albums. The event also featured a Swama Entertainment DJ and the Our Lady of the Cedars Dabke Group who specializes in traditional Arabic folk dance music.


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