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    A respected Texas entrepreneur, Assad Boulos has more than three decades’ experience owning and operating a variety of convenience stores and shopping centers in the Houston area. Assad Boulos has also led a number of successful restaurant ventures, including E international. Popular in the early 2000s, the upscale dining spot in Houston’s downtown featured live music.

    Boulos subsequently launched Cafe Byblos, which served Middle Eastern cuisine and operated it for eight years. He recently closed the restaurant to focus on Juan Parilla. Led by Chef Angie, the restaurant offers a Latin fusion menu. Since 2014, Boulos has additionally operated Wasfi, which serves a menu created by longtime chef Wasfi Darabi. The restaurant is known for its fresh ingredients and relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that attracts Houston locals.

    Assad Boulos has a passion for travel and enjoys destinations ranging from Miami to the Mediterranean. Much of his philanthropic activity centers on Our Lady of the Cedars Church in support of fundraising for initiatives such as a new school for community members.

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    A successful restaurateur based in Houston, Texas, Assad Boulos currently serves as president of...
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